Sign board approvals from your iPhone

Directors have always been able to sign board approvals on Carta. Now they can sign them using Carta for iPhone. The mobile workflow just takes a few simple steps to complete and can be done from anywhere.

Here’s a short GIF of a Director signing a board approval from her iPhone:

When Directors open the application they’ll see a red “tasks” icon in the upper right. This is where pending board approvals are located. Click on the pending approval to view PDF attachments and review all items for approval. When you’re ready, click “Approve” and use your thumbprint to sign.

Now Directors can sign board approvals on the go!

Go here to download the app.

Stephanie Van

Stephanie Van

Stephanie has been a marketing intern at eShares for five months. She is a senior studying marketing at Santa Clara University. She loves spending time with her dog who is almost as big as she is.