Carta for Law Firms

Carta for Law Firms lets law firms analyze data and manage permissions across all their clients. As an Carta law firm partner, you receive up to 90% discounted pricing for your clients, access to the Carta API, and increased permissions control. These are the key advantages you get with Carta for Law Firms:

Up to 90% discounted pricing 

As an Carta law firm partner, your clients receive up to 90% discounted pricing when they are added to Carta. This gives clients access to our core feature set, including electronic securities and cap table management. Discounted pricing is not published on our site and is only available to customers of our Carta for Law Firms product. 

Permissions management

You can also easily manage permissions across thousands of clients and control who has access to the cap table. Paralegals choose who the primary legal admins are for a given client, and attorneys can easily add and remove paralegals between clients.

Carta API access

With access to the Carta API, your firm can pull data directly into their internal portal to display key client information. For example, you can view recent financing data, exercise activity, company descriptions, and logos for all their clients on Carta. 

Onboarding tools

Lastly, you have access to onboarding tools that let you onboard clients without going through an Carta onboarding manager. Tools like our cap table importer, account health check, and bulk changes spreadsheet enable paralegals to quickly add clients to Carta.

To learn more about Carta for Law firms, request a demo from our Preferred Partner page or email partnerships@carta.com.