Why companies are connecting their financials to Carta

Over 1,200 companies have connected their financial accounting systems to Carta, and hundreds more are connecting theirs each month. This post offers a brief overview of the benefits you get from connecting your financials.

A real-time financials dashboard for your company officers

Companies with connected financials can see revenue, historical burn rate, and forecasted runway. The gives Company officers a real-time picture of their company’s financial health.

Share financials with investors

Companies with connected financials have the ability share their financials with select investors, taking the hassle out of providing quarterly or monthly updates.

Integrate with 409a requests

Companies with connected financials are able to streamline the 409A data collection process and ensure their analyst has the most up to date picture of the Company’s current and historical financial standing.

How to get started

To get started, go the “Financials and HR” section in the settings page of your Carta account. From there you will be able to connect your Quickbooks or Xero account. If you do not currently use Quickbooks or Xero, you can use our spreadsheet importer.

Jordan Agnew

Jordan Agnew

Jordan graduated from Santa Clara University before working on the Product Team for Carta. He is from Los Angeles but has made Northern California his home.