Introducing: Carta for Founders

Today we launched Carta for Founders, a streamlined version of Carta for brand new startups priced at $100 annually. Carta for Founders includes our core feature set — cap tables and basic reporting — but excludes more expensive features that keep new startups from joining — 409A valuations, equity accounting, tax filings, and more. Below is a brief overview of Carta for Founders and its key benefits.

Note: carta for Founders is limited to companies with only Common stock.

Issue electronic stock certificates in minutes

The average law firm will charge you hundreds of dollars to issue a single paper stock certificate. With Carta for Founders you can cut down legal costs and save time by issuing electronic stock certificates in minutes.

Manage your cap table in the cloud

Your cap table is created in real-time with every stock issuance, so it's always up-to-date and accurate. Invite board members, key investors, and company administrators to access your cap table in the cloud.

Run reports and model scenarios

Easily run cap table reports as of any date. Include draft certificates to create a pro-forma cap table.

Sign up today for $100 annually.

James Seely

James Seely

James grew up in Seattle before moving to the Bay Area to study at Santa Clara University. He has been a product marketer at Carta for almost three years.