Reminder that our new pricing starts July 1

When we announced in February that we were retiring our $20-per-security plan, we gave customers a free service period. I wanted to remind you that our free period ends on June 30th.

If you signed up on this plan, our new pricing starts with your first charge on July 1st. You can view your current tier under Payments in your account. The full pricing chart is on our Pricing page.

If you’re hearing this news for the first time, I am sorry for the surprise. We did our best to reach everyone, but our emails have not had a 100% open rate. We want everyone to know about this change.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at josh@esharesinc.com. As always, thank you for being our customer.

Josh Merrill

Josh Merrill

Josh leads the Investor Services product team at Carta.