Securely share K-1s with your investors

Carta makes it easy for funds to manage investor documents and communications. As tax season approaches, you can use Carta to send out K-1s to all your investors at once. Here’s how it works.

Taking the hassle out of K-1s:

In the past, K-1 distribution meant physically mailing each of your investors or sending them documents over email. Both methods are time consuming. Now there is a better, secure way.

Simply take the K-1s as prepared, log into Carta, upload the documents, and click the “Actions” button to send to investors.

K-1 gif

With Carta, you save time and your investors do too. They will always be able to find their K-1s (current and historical) and they will never need to ask you where to find these documents again.

Looking forward:

The Carta document page is not just for K-1s. Instead, it is part of a robust investor portal which helps you share quarterly updates, historical files such as subscription agreements, as well as structured data about the fund’s underlying portfolio.

Connect with us if you are interested in learning more.

Nathan Parcells

Nathan Parcells

Nathan has 8 years of experience as a digital marketer. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania before moving out west to San Francisco and working for Carta. He is a huge Bob Dylan fan.