The Gap Table: Analyzing the gender gap in equity

Much has been said about the gender pay gap, but most publicly available research focuses on only one part of compensation: salary. In 2017, women...

Team Carta

Carta Cares

Carta’s culture is built on a single principle: always be helpful. We encourage our engineers to help each other solve challenging problems and our...

Olivia Johnson

Private is the new public

When a venture-backed startup has consistently high growth and has already taken tens of millions of funding, it used to be a given that they’...

Andrea Lamari

Meet Carta’s 409A valuations team

Since we began offering 409A valuations in 2015, Carta has valued over $200B in private assets. We believed the 409A industry was broken and that...

Allie Rawson

Video: We are Carta

We recently travelled to our offices in the NYC area, the Bay area, Brazil, Seattle, and Salt Lake City to capture what it's like to...

Ashley Davis

Meet Carta for public companies

Carta has gone public—to clarify, we’ve entered the public markets with our latest product. Over the past few years, we’ve transformed how...

Scott Harrigan

Carta acquires Silicon Valley Bank Analytics

On September 1st we acquired Silicon Valley Bank's valuation business and team (Silicon Valley Bank Analytics or SVBA). This impacts both the former SVBA employees...

Henry Ward