Product update: Carta Financings

Raising a round of financing is a coordination effort between company officers, lawyers, and investors. During a round, it’s important for founders to have visibility into the round’s progress at every stage and for investors to have an efficient way to sign closing documents and transfer funds. With Carta Financings, closing a round has never been easier.

Set up your financing in minutes

After using Deal Room for the diligence phase, set up your round by completing the steps in our financings setup guide. We support equity and convertible rounds.

Once you have added financing details and uploaded the closing documents, you are ready to invite your investors. Enter the investor details and upload any additional documents before sending the invite.

Collect signatures and funds in escrow

Once they have accepted their invites, investors can log in, review the round documents, and sign them electronically.

Investors can wire money into your escrow account through the platform.

Watch the round close

You can watch in real-time as investors sign closing documents and transfer their funds. When the round closes, deposit the funds into your bank account with one click and Carta automatically issues the securities.

Each security has a digital record on Carta for the investor, company admin, and lawyer to reference.

Learn more about the feature by clicking below.

Jesse Klein

Jesse Klein

Jesse was born and raised in the Bay Area. She crossed the country to go to the University of Michigan before heading back to her roots in San Francisco at Carta.